UserTribe Network: Inspirational events

April 28. Jabra: How to set up your UX team for success, featuring LEGO. GN Audio Jabra, Lautrupbjerg 7. DK-2750 Ballerup.

June 9. STIL: (The National Agency for IT and Learning): Measurement of effectiveness and user involvement through games. Vester Voldgade 123. DK-1552 Copenhagen V.

All Meetings will take place between 9 AM to 2.30 PM. Sign up for further details.


About UserTribe Network

We have created a network for professionals whom work with - or want to work with - customer involvement, UX and CX. The network gathers approximately 6-8 times per year to discuss challenges and solutions - and we will always invite inspiring speakers to take the discussions to the next level.

Whenever a company decides to work with UserTribe, we invite their customer professionals to join the network. This allows members from all over our customer portfolio to network, to be inspired, and to learn from other professionals in different businesses within an informal and relaxed atmosphere. 

Who are you going to meet?

The members of the UserTribe Network come from all over our customer portfolio. Whenever a company decides to work with us, we invite their customer professionals to join the network - usually there is about 20-30 of us gathered at each event.

Members range from designers, communication people and analysts to product and business developers, innovators, executives and managers, in such diverse fields as banking, medicare, technology, NGO's, retail and many more.

Within the network we hear about successes, but also about less stellar experiences, and help each other gain new ideas and ask pertinent questions in early-state projects. That's what the network is for: Helping each other and thereby raise the value that can be delivered for all of us.


Outcome: A Traditional Day

The day usually starts at 9 AM. The event is often hosted by one of our clients in their facilities, but can be hosted at our location in Copenhagen as well. The first half of the day is dedicated to a subject (established in advance and promoted in the invitation), which tends to be something that the host company would like to receive the network's input about.

We invite speakers whom will be presenting subjects such as new techniques, useful experiences from other fields or endeavors all relevant for the addressed topic of the day. Following the presentations we will have group workshops, and gather afterwards to exchange results, discuss, and bring the day's activities together for the host. All under the guidance of the network facilitators, who also help the host prepare and execute the day in a satisfying manner.

Not a Customer? Join Free UserTribe Mornings:

If you are not yet a customer at UserTribe, you can still attend UserTribe Mornings. All 'Mornings' are free to attend. In the course of four mornings, we have invited speakers to inspire you to optimize your business and projects by showing you cases, examples and do's and don'ts on customer involvement.  By signing up for information about events you can join all four events or choose the ones you find most interesting. 

All Mornings will take place from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

  • March 31. How SKAT puts their customers first with Ulla Ladegaard-Mortensen, Digital Consultant. Presentation followed up by a workshop.
  • May 11. Customer Simulator Board Game: Originally created by LEGO, this game evaluates your design and innovation processes by simulating customer experiences.
  • June 23. The road to becoming a customer empowered bank by Lars Petersen, ‎Nordic E-business Manager at Santander Consumer Bank. Presentation followed by a workshop. 

UserTribe Fridays

UserTribe Friday is a recurring event – always the first Friday of the month between 5.00 PM and 7.30 AM. We offer you plenty of opportunities to mingle and meet many interesting people at our office (Bremerholm 4, 1. floor) here in Copenhagen. The event is free and there will be served organic drinks and delicious tapas!

Feel free to bring your friends and colleagues.